The Role of Faith In Therapy

The Role of Faith in Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy/Counseling

At Rooted Relational Therapy, our therapists value the role of faith in individual and relational healing and wholeness.  We believe spirituality is an important part of who each person is, and we also respect where an individual is at in his/her faith journey.  It is your choice to discuss matters of faith during therapy and whether or not to incorporate it into your treatment.  We will not force you to explore any spiritual beliefs if that is not something you desire to do.  You get to determine the degree to which faith and spirituality are integrated with therapy.  Although the therapists at Rooted come from a Christian faith background, and seek to provide compassionate, Christ-centered care, we respect diversity and welcome people who hold different beliefs.

“Morgan and Doug care deeply about relational healing, and are persons of hope
— a gift to a community.”
— Dr. Janet Stauffer, Ph.D., LMFT. Director of Fredericksburg Family Therapy & Counseling Center