Client Testimonials &
Professional Recommendations

“Our relationship has really evolved and changed for the better. Thank you so much for helping us fall deeper in love and grow closer together.”
– S. F., a former client 

“They are capable of helping you bring healing to your lives, relationships and families. I highly recommend them to you.”
– Dr. Joy E. Corby, Ph.D., LMFT
Director of the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at Evangelical Seminary

"Thank you for helping us learn to navigate our marriage during one of the hardest seasons in our life.  We are forever grateful for the skills you've helped us learn and we will continue to use them in years to come!"
– G. H., a former client

“I would highly recommend Doug and Morgan as therapists. My husband and I are so much better together now. Communication has been opened (and) we are more aware of how each (of us) feel. We did co-therapy, which I would highly recommend!”
– S. J., a former client

“Doug and Morgan have an amazing ability to connect with people. They bring a clear sense of direction and purpose, and are committed to helping clients reach their full potential. I highly recommend them.”
– Dr. John Chuma, Psy.D., LMFT, LCP
Clinical Director of The Marriage and Family Centers, Associate Director of Upward Call

“They were very insightful and really sought to understand the full picture. I always felt understood and comfortable during our sessions. Almost all of my relationships have been affected and changed for the better. I am a different person than when I started.”
– K. A., a former client

“Morgan and Doug care deeply about relational healing, and are persons of hope
— a gift to a community.” 
– Dr. Janet Stauffer, Ph.D., LMFT
Director of Fredericksburg Family Therapy & Counseling Center

“(Doug) was good at getting to the heart of the issues and teaching me the skills to deal with these issues. My home has enjoyed peace now. Thank you so much Doug for all of the work you did with the kids and I. I would not have made it this far without your help.”
– F. C., a former client

"Morgan is a great listener and asks really poignant questions that help you uncover truths within.  (She has) been instrumental in my journey towards healing.  Thank you!"
– E. L., a former client

“Doug and Morgan have a skill set and a gracious presence that combine to facilitate recovery and wholeness in the individuals and couples with whom they work. I recommend them highly!” 
– Dr. Robb Palmer Ph.D., D.Min, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Professor, Author, and Ordained Minister

“It was a wonderful experience to go through therapy facilitated by another married couple. As a couple we have grown tremendously in our ability to communicate our emotions to each other and to validate each other's feelings as well. We would recommend them to anyone!"
– P. K., a former client

“Morgan and Doug are trained and gifted to work with individuals, couples, and families as individual therapists or as a couple.”  
– David W. Musser, LMFT
Founder of River of Hope Counseling Services