Individual, Couple, Family, Child, Adolescent, Sex Therapy, & Play Therapy 

Our therapists are uniquely qualified to work with any configuration of people, from individuals to the whole family.  Our therapists are trained systemically, so whether you seek therapy as an individual, couple, family, or other configuration, our therapists will work with you in the context of your relationships with others.  Learn more about some types of therapy below and see how we can help you start improving your life and relationships. 

Individual male receiving counseling at Rooted.


Throughout their lives adults may face a variety of challenging issues, such as depression, anxiety, or trauma.  At times, it can feel overwhelming to live a fulfilling life when struggling with difficult situations or circumstances.  Our therapists offer a unique perspective when helping individuals work through distressing issues in their lives.  We view each person through a systemic lens, and treat individuals as part of their relational and societal contexts.  We believe that your individual wholeness includes healing in your relationships.

Multi-racial couple receiving marital counseling at Rooted.


Our therapists are specially trained to help couples work through relational distress and conflict.  At Rooted, our goal is to help you and your partner have a relationship based on friendship, trust, and a deep understanding of each other.  Every couple encounters difficulties and challenges that can threaten their relationship.  During these times of stress, our therapists can help you repair your relationship and strengthen the bond you have.  Whether you are experiencing distress or want to enrich your marriage, our therapists can help you achieve the relationship you desire.

Multi-generational family in counseling at Rooted.


Family therapy is one of the most unique types of therapy we offer at Rooted.  Families can face many difficult issues and transitions, such as after a divorce, loss, traumatic event, or move.  Our therapists are trained to work with your whole family together, to help you strengthen your relationships as you navigate life’s transitions and challenging circumstances.  



So you’re engaged…now what?  A good first step after becoming engaged is pre-marital therapy to identify strengths in your relationship and discover areas to improve.  Talking through potential areas of disagreement before you say “I do” can help you enter marriage on solid ground.  Our therapists are certified facilitators of the PREPARE/ENRICH Couple Relationship Assessment, which highlights your compatibility in several different categories.  As part of our recommended pre-marital package we also offer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), which gives insight into each person’s personality and how both personalities work together.


Children and Adolescents

Being a parent is tough!  Parenting may become even more complicated when a child or adolescent has experienced trauma or divorce, or displays concerning behaviors.  Since children and adolescents do not always have the words to describe their pain, they may act out in ways that are overwhelming. Each of our therapists has more than ten years of experience working with children and adolescents and are equipped with a variety of techniques and types of therapy to help you and your children through challenging issues.  We offer sand tray therapy and play therapy for children and adolescents.  Through using miniature figures in a box of sand to create their unique world, children and adolescents can work through their struggles in ways that are more beneficial than traditional talk therapy alone.