Our Mission Statement:

To facilitate growth, healing, and wholeness for Individuals, Couples, Families, Children, and Adolescents in Central PA through compassionate, professional, and affordable therapy and educational services.

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Why We Are Different:

Each of our therapists approach their work with clients from a systemic, or relational, perspective. Rooted was founded by two Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) in early 2017. Marriage and Family Therapy is the “root” of systemic (or relational) therapy in the mental health field. Before the field of Marriage and Family Therapy developed in the middle of the 20th Century, mental health therapy was two-dimensional (and primarily relied on behavioral changes or insight-based skills to enact change). The introduction of systems theory in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy added a third dimension, focusing on and utilizing the process, context, and interactions between and among people. Systemic or relational therapy is now being integrated into the mental health field around the world.

As Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) and the owners of Rooted Relational Therapy, Doug and Morgan Richard ensure that each of our therapists utilize this three-dimensional perspective when working with you. Our therapists understand you are a part of many different systems and relationships that impact your well-being and influence who you are.  So whether you come to therapy as an individual, couple, or family, we seek to see and understand you in the context of your environment and relationships. Based on your preferences, we will also treat you holistically, focusing on your mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual health.  We collaborate with you to help you reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, decrease conflict, improve communication, deepen intimacy, and reach any other goals you may have. 

Learn even more about relational (systemic) therapy by watching this short video.

Meet Our Therapists

We currently have three therapists at Rooted, and will be adding more.

Our owners are Morgan and Doug Richard (and yes, they are married). Morgan and Doug are empathic, knowledgeable, and attentive therapists with a long record of success working with people of all ages to improve relationships and reach their goals.  Both have MAMFT (Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy) Degrees from the Graduate School of Marriage and Family Studies at Evangelical Seminary in Myerstown.  Morgan and Doug completed their clinical training hours at The Marriage & Family Center in Lititz, PA.

Doug and Morgan met in 2005, and married in 2012.  As human beings, they have struggled to overcome several hardships and many difficult experiences together and individually. These experiences help them to truly empathize with their clients and to assist others to survive and also thrive through difficult situations as well. When Morgan and Doug are not seeing clients, they enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, biking, kayaking, and backpacking.  They also love the beach and traveling to new places together. 

Our Founding Therapists, Morgan and Doug Richard
“Doug and Morgan have an amazing ability to connect with people. They bring a clear sense of direction and purpose, and are committed to helping clients reach their full potential. I highly recommend them.”
— Dr. John Chuma, Psy.D., LMFT, LCP Clinical Director of The Marriage and Family Centers, Associate Director of Upward Call
Doug Richard, Marriage and Family Therapist, Rooted Relational Therapy

Doug Richard, MAMFT, Owner & Clinical Director

Before becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist, Doug owned several successful businesses and dipped his feet into several other career pools (professional driving, wilderness medicine, professional lifeguarding, etc.). Doug earned his M.A. (Master of Arts) in Marriage & Family Therapy from the Graduate School of Marriage and Family Studies at Evangelical Seminary in Myerstown, PA.  He also has a B.A. in Christian Ministries with a Concentration in Youth Ministry from Messiah College, and has extensive experience working with children, youth, young adults and their families, including three years as a Pastor of Youth and Young Adults in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

At Rooted, Doug is a couples expert, working with many of our couples to help them improve communication, heal together, and achieve healthy relationships. In fact, Doug aims for each couple to leave therapy with a better relationship than they EVER had before. He also enjoys working with individuals and families, where he challenges his clients to dream big and succeed beyond their expectations. Finally, he strives to make therapy fun! Couples often remark that therapy is their favorite hour of the week!

Morgan Richard, Marriage and Family Therapist, Rooted Relational Therapy

Morgan Richard, MAMFT, Owner and Therapist

Like Doug, Morgan earned her M.A. (Master of Arts) in Marriage & Family Therapy from the Graduate School of Marriage and Family Studies at Evangelical Seminary in Myerstown, PA.  Additionally, she has a B.A. in Psychology from Messiah College. Even before becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist, Morgan had four years of prior experience in the mental health field, having worked with children, youth, and families at Philhaven and Youth Advocate Programs in Dauphin and Lebanon Counties.

As a therapist, Morgan helps women of all ages heal, grow, and achieve thriving relationships and fulfilling lives. Morgan also helps couples, families, and children/teens. When working with younger clients (and occasionally older ones too!), she utilizes highly effective forms of play therapy, including sandtray therapy. Morgan also specializes in helping women navigate treatment and find healing from sexual pain. Most of all, Morgan enjoys helping her clients move from brokenness to wholeness, and develop confidence in who they are!

Due to an extremely high demand for our services, we are continually adding highly skilled therapists to meet your needs. We are proud to offer you:

Susan Decker, LPC

Susan Decker, LPC, M.Ed

A Licensed Professional Counselor with many years of outpatient experience, Susan Decker’s specialty areas include adolescence, early adulthood, women’s issues, addiction, LGBTQ, and trauma. She has training in trauma-sensitive yoga, dance movement therapy, sensorimotor therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, co-occurring disorders, cultural competency and LGBTQ-affirmative therapy.

Susan has also had experiences in various clinical settings, including family-based services, crisis intervention, and a state correctional institution. She has treated individuals struggling with complex trauma, addictions, and gender- and sexual-orientation issues. An area of special focus for her is working with early adulthood developmental issues. Susan has written for the peer-reviewed journal Adoption Quarterly and has provided statewide trainings on cultural competence for those working with transgender individuals. 

In her free time she enjoys being the mother of an amazing 20-something daughter, reading, practicing yoga, being in nature, teaching Barre Fitness classes, traveling to new places and enjoying food. Susan lives with her two beloved cats, Petunia and Penelope, and is a self-described lover of life.

Our therapists have additional specialties to offer you.  To learn more about the issues we treat, please click here.

If you are ready to take the next step on your journey toward healing, give us a call at 570-884-4662 or fill out this easy form, and one of our therapists will contact you.